So you are ready to be an author?

Authors are automatically seen as experts!
The moment you write a book your credibility takes a great giant leap!

If you have ever tried to write your own book then you know that the process is long, tedious, drawn out… and to be frank most people set out with great intentions, but that book sits on their hard drive for ever!

So we made it easy for you, we wrote the book for you and being a Glenn Twiddle Inner Circle Member, you get the rights to use the book, tweak the book, re write the whole thing if you want or if like some, change nothing and just get our team to design you an awesome cover for your book.

To get started all you need to do is pay your deposit of $1000 and then our team will be in touch to set you up to get your designs done and to get you a copy of the internal pages of the book, our printing is done in Australia so turnaround times are FAST!

So, what are you waiting for…… let’s get started!!!